25th - 28th March 2013

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The Waiting Game continues -

                                       but for how much longer?

Spring aint sprung

The grass aint ris

Do you wonder where the birdies is?

I am the persistent birder after all so I will not give up! My year total has staggered along of late, reaching 164 by the end of last week. Today I looked back at some photos from the past month to check I hadn't missed anything stunning. I liked this image from Seaton Snook. [16.03.13]

Snow Bunting Snow buntings are still around. Guess they are waiting too. Tomorrow I will try for jack snipe [winter visitor] and little ringed plover [summer visitor] at the same site. Don't expect I'll be in luck though!!

Another picture from the past few weeks. Remember this red grouse from near Shaw Farm? 16.03.13 You've not seen these 2 photos before...

Red Grouse Well it flew off! Unusual view - perhaps the hunter's view!

Red Grouse And finally from 22.02.13 at Long Riston another view of my friendly barn owl.

Barn Owl I hope there'll be some more stunning photos before too long!

Monday 25th March

So, did I see a jack snipe or a LRP? Did I hecky thump! [Who used to say that?] I explored Willthorpe Marsh in the snow: the marsh itself proved inaccessible due to the mud, snow and general slipperiness. As for Orgreave Lagoon which I attempted to walk round, imagine what bleak means to you. Well, put mathematically it was 2 bleak squared.  It was hard going. Saw skylarks and mipits. And a few of the usual suspects from bhg to coot.

Decided to call at Old Moor and Broomhill. Very quiet there [saw 1 little owl at Broomhill] but a bullfinch obliged at Old Moor - probably my best ever shots of a bullfinch. [Yet another ringed bird!]

Bullfinch Bullfinch Bullfinch Summoned home by a greenhouse crisis I called at Fairburn to see if the siskins were showing: no sign but instead a group of at least three redpolls were outside the visitor centre so I sat down quietly and waited. Thankfully there were few people about as the birds were quite nervous. Even my shutter firing off seemed to disturb the male. The female must have been hungrier: very little seemed to bother her and she spent 8 minutes on one feeder whilst other birds came and went.

Here's my little lesser album.

Lesser Redpoll Lesser Redpoll Lesser Redpoll

Lesser Redpoll Lesser Redpoll Lesser Redpoll Lesser Redpoll Lesser Redpoll

Tuesday 26th March

The March wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
And what will the robin do then, poor thing?
He'll sit in the barn,
To keep himself warm,
And hide his head under his wing, poor thing!

Yes, it was still blowing. We went to Fairburn for some sunflower hearts mid-afternoon - perishingly cold. The light was poor and shutter speeds correspondingly slow: sharpness was a bit tricky! Watched lots of little birds on the feeders: a [ringed] nuthatch...

Nuthatch A masked bandit is at large!!Nuthatch ...siskins...

Siskin The male was very difficult to lock onto. This female is very pale - juvenile?

Siskin Siskin Adult female?

Siskin I hadn't seen a long-tailed tit out in the open on the ground before. But they have learnt the survival trick of coming to feeders.

Long-tailed Tit We walked to the kingfisher screen. I told my wife they haven't been seen there for some time but we might see a willow tit. We didn't but we did see this tiny surprise!

Kingfisher Kingfisher He turned his back on us.Kingfisher All black bill = maleKingfisher As we returned to the visitor centre I alarmed a female mallard hiding in some wet, rotting vegetation by the path.





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