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A long walk to an invisible pond...

I spent the day in the Flamborough area, beginning at Bempton in the wind. Six yellow-browed warblers about including three together but very difficult to get a photo as they were endlessly active in the stiff breeze and tending to remain partially obscured deep inside the bushes. An elderly [?] pheasant attended. PheasantPheasant I moved on to Thornwick Pool where 5 dunlin were present. DunlinDunlin DunlinDunlin

A friendly crow was in the car park by the fishermen's hut. CrowCrow CrowCrow Later in Bridlington harbour I took a few shots of the everyday birds there. Turnstone with a young crab.

TurnstoneTurnstone Redshank and herring gull. RedshankRedshank Herring GullHerring Gull The highlight of the day came late afternoon when a red-backed shrike was posted at Cromer Point pond. It was quite a walk from Long Nab car park.

Long Nab observation hut from near Cromer Point. Long NabLong Nab From Cromer Point I could see no sign of a pond even after scanning with my scope. It's at TA028 928 approx. I turned round to give up and go back and noticed a patch of bulrushes and reeds just west of the last contoured mound I had negotiated. I went closer... Red-backed ShrikeRed-backed Shrike Perched up distantly was the shrike. Red-backed ShrikeRed-backed Shrike Red-backed ShrikeRed-backed Shrike

Red-backed ShrikeRed-backed Shrike


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