29th-30th January 2017

January 31, 2017  •  1 Comment

Good news from Washington and Bad news from Marske!

29th January

Currently it seems good news from Washington is hard to find. This comes from the original Washington. From the wildfowl centre. Yes, captive birds but I went for an intruding wild ferruginous duck. Kept close tabs on by the staff who exported their own ferrugini in order to watch the visitor as it comes and goes. However I couldn't help marvel at the dancing and whooping cranes - captive or not it was a wonderful thing to watch. Hopefully these capture a bit of the flavour...

I admired captive ruddy shelduck, white-headed ducks [indirectly responsible for the extermination of our ruddy ducks] and a white nun.

Eventually located the ferruginous drake. What a stunner. Staff told me where it prefers to be: found it somewhere completely different but in the company of its preferred friends, tufties. Continued to Prestwick Carr. Hoping for great grey shrike. Distant but soon seen. A few long shots. Next stop Langdon Beck hoping to add red and black grouse to the year list. Easy. Distant black grouse at the south end of the drive near the hotel. Suddenly realised just over the stone wall in front of me were two males. All taken from the car.

30th January

On 149 so thought I'd pop up to Marske and try for corn bunting at Fox Covert. Failed! So here's the best of the rest...

I though only owls could do this!

Two snow bunting had been reported by the Stray Cafe but I was told no sign today. I found some linnets on the beach pebbles. I was heading back when, in the gloom, something flew into the area where I was. Two snow buntings!

149 in January is pretty good. I wonder what February has in store...


David Armitage(non-registered)
Come on Chris, I know you can get a decent pic of the Pine Bunt. Only round the corner. I have seen it once in 6 visits !!!!! otherwise, have been following in your tracks so far most of then year although far less birds. Highlight so far Black-bellied sandgrouse in Murcia. I'm the tall scruffy git you bump into from time to time- Little bittern, red-flanked bluetail at Hartlepool, en route the Isabelline at Easington. Regards to Tiggy.
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