30th September - 2nd October 2017

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And now for something completely different!

Sheila picked up a book on knitted birds at RSPB Saltholme. She has done a great job although the legs caused some minor crises! Here they are - I don't think I need explain exactly what birds have been visiting our garden recently!

Meanwhile I've been birding for real: 30th September to Kilnsea and then on the 1st of October Barry and I went up to Hartlepool. September 30th at Kilnsea first.

I'll begin near the Crown & Anchor with some footsteps in the sand. It was early [7.30ish] and it was bleak, breezy and not very warm. No birds or birders to be seen. I strolled down the Canal straight. Deer seemed shocked to see me. I spotted a lesser whitethroat in the canal bushes but it wouldn't come into view properly. I headed back to the pub garden, then walked east  back towards Tiggy. More deer were coming along the road towards me!

Eventually the day warmed, the birders appeared and so did some birds...

Red-breasted flycatcher at Kew near the caravan site entrance.

Nice looking chiffchaff there too. Spent a long time in Easington hoping for the rose-coloured starling. Saw it briefly on a weather vane in the village centre by the church. It flew while I was retrieving the camera!

Red-backed shrike reported again near Easington cemetery. Nice bird and it came close!

Flew about a bit while chasing dragonflies.

Great views. Setting off for home I tried again at Dimlington Bungalows for the rose-coloured starling. Suddenly it appeared from a hawthorn bush. I shouted to other birders who were scouring rooftops and wires. It dropped back out of sight before they came over.

Next day Barry drove us up to Salthome and Hartlepool.

Sanderlings at Newburn Bridge. Where have all the others gone?

Barry spotted a darker bird flying in. Sanderling still retaining some of its darker summer breeding plumage. Bar-tailed godwit at Newburn Bridge.

We walked out to the North Gare breakwater. All pretty quiet. A crow watched our approach.

At Saltholme I unwittingly upset my camera settings fairly drastically. The final few shots have been sort of rescued by my software! Stonechat, goldfinch and a reed bunting - plus a rather handsome highland bull!

267 UK 2017 still


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