17th-19th February 2017

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Three days worth!

Day 1: Notts and Lincs

Rufford CP for hawfinch drew a blank but I carried on to Hoveringham sailing club lake and walked from the village [no car access for non-members - coded gate] but the bird was soon spotted. Friendly members let me use their scope and within a minute, literally, I had seen a curlew, a glaucous gull, a black-necked grebe and my target, a black-throated diver. All were a long way off seen in a powerful Swarovski scope. I decided to wait and hope the diver would approach.

Great crested grebes were friendly. The diver was out by some rescue craft. Eventually it came a bit nearer before heading way out again.

I returned home via Clumber Park where I saw 2 hawfinches, each briefly, from the car park.

Day 2: We went to Bempton!

Sheila loves to see the sea and to see owls so what better than Bempton! I got an easy year tick with my first razorbills of the year - just seven on the cliffs with hundreds of guillemots. Here are the owls - followed by a skylark singing for Yorkshire and the world!

Day 3: Wintersett and Ibbotsons Yard!

Walking the old railway line near Wintersett looking for a firecrest was a complete failure - although the roving tit flock did appear after I'd left along with the crest and a load of redpolls. A song thrush sang beautifully all the time I was there - reminiscent of a nightingale briefly at times. I wondered if it had heard one once and was mimicking a memory....

Not to worry - I had left for Acaster Selby or thereabouts to see the local great grey shrike. Lots of people near Ebor Trucks. I decided to look nearer Ibbotsons and found the bird. I waved to the others who came at a pace. I began to worry as the bird disappeared before anyone else saw it. Happily after ten minutes the bird was seen again just beyond the trailers. Eventually it came quite close.

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