3rd-4th February 2017

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East, West and a little bit in between!

February 4th: Redcar-Hartlepool

I started at Redcar beach looking for waders. No godwits but lots of sanderling and they were feeding energetically.  Ringed plover On to Fox Covert where I tried again for those elusive corn buntings. Tree sparrows and yellowhammers.

Bar-tailed godwits seen at South Gare from car park area. I was contemplating going down onto the beach to get a bit closer but a dog decided for me and made everything fly off. Later at Tilery Wood I added goldcrest to the day's bag. Not the most productive day as I think I wasted a lot of time but it was pleasant and good to be out.

February 4th: Bolton Abbey and the North Fylde

En route a brief stop at Bolton Abbey. Dipper seen immediately but for second time in two days an idiot scottie dog disturbed it [not the same dog as yeaterday!] and the bird flew off upstream. The owner came over. 'Sorry about that,' he said.

I tried to be pleasant. 'What's her name?' I asked.

'It's a he,' he replied. 'We call him Donald.'

'I'm not surprised', I said with a smile and walked on. Soon spotted a grey wagtail.  Some mandarins were on the bank.

Quite belligerent!

Mrs Mandarin posed. I wonder if she likes having grass up her nostrils?

I drove on as my main target was a bit of a goose fest near Pilling not that far from where I was brought up. In particular I hoped to see a red-breasted goose along with lots of pink-feet. 

Pilling Lane Ends. Along with over a hundred pinkfeet and 21 whitefronts I was reliably informed. They were a long way off. Note the white-fronted just right of the red-breasted.

This pinkfoot was exceptionally dark.

The lesser snow goose was more elusive but eventually tracked down on a large building site pool in a country park outside the village of Nateby.

Calling David Armitage!

Sorry about the non-existent pinebunt pic. I did go 3 times! Anyway regards from Tiggy and me. Good birding wishes to you!!

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