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Swans for starters!

February 7th: Thorn Bank road near Wroot

A field south of the road held lots of mute swans, a lonesome whooper and, separate from the rest, a group of 5 Bewick's swans... Bewick's SwanBewick's Swan Bewick's SwanBewick's Swan Bewick's SwanBewick's Swan

February 10th: dismal weather...

...left me shooting sparrows and starlings from a bedroom window! House SparrowHouse Sparrow House SparrowHouse Sparrow StarlingStarling

Main course!

February 13th: Lincolnshire again

This time it was down to Willow Tree Fen LWT near Spalding to see if I could encounter a friendly bluethroat. BluethroatBluethroat BluethroatBluethroat BluethroatBluethroat BluethroatBluethroat BluethroatBluethroat BluethroatBluethroat


Valentine's Day: Scorton and Greatham Creek

Report from Scorton gravel pits claimed an early or overwintering little ringed plover. I may have missed it but all I could find was a single ringed plover. 

I carried on to walk the Salterns and Greatham Creek at Hartlepool. No sign of spotshank but quite a few [5] greenshank and the predictable rest.

Along the Creek I was shooting into the sun so the light was tricky. CurlewCurlew

Redshanks, brown feet! RedshankRedshank

Oyk! Bathtime!

oystercatcheroystercatcher Greenshanks. GreenshanksGreenshanks GreenshanksGreenshanks GreenshanksGreenshanks

Dead carline thistles always seem attractive... Carline ThistleCarline Thistle

...but there were a few signs that spring isn't far away. ColtsfootColtsfoot

Dessert at Phil Stead's place!

A set of images from Phil Stead hide. Nice light! PintailPintail PintailPintail PintailPintail GadwallGadwall TealTeal Black SwanBlack Swan Best not leave this fella out. Last call at Ward Jackson's. Ring-necked ParakeetRing-necked Parakeet

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