25th-28th March

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A March Miscellany

March 25th took Sheila and I to Fairburn Ings, calling first at Acaster to see if the shrike was showing. I wanted photos in better light than last time but although the light was fine, the bird remained tantalisingly distant. Great Grey ShrikeGreat Grey Shrike Great Grey ShrikeGreat Grey Shrike

At Fairburn little was seen but here are a couple of views: robin and egret. RobinRobin Little EgretLittle Egret Little EgretLittle Egret On the following day we both went to Tophill Low. We failed to find any red-crested pochard on D reservoir but explored the new visitor centre. It looks good and is well landscaped. A tiny room to one end has opening windows to watch birds. The main room is well equipped with permanent scopes and huge glass windows. Through this glass you can see lots of birds and you can play a game of 'what blurred bird am I looking at?' For keen birders it's useless and birders will be queuing up to use the two slots that open in the annexe. I'll say no more: no doubt it ticks lots of boxes...

At the normal hide where I've watched kingfishers in the past we were recommended to go elsewhere - so we did. Elsewhere was amazing: kingfishers nesting 3 metres away! Here's just a few of the many photos I took. KingfisherKingfisher KingfisherKingfisher KingfisherKingfisher KingfisherKingfisher

This pheasant was obviously used to people. PheasantPheasant

March 27th and an early, misty start to Kildale hoping for wheatear and ring ouzel. Both were seen eventually: the ouzel kept us waiting a long while. The grouse found us humans quite approachable and actually came close to inspect us. One shot makes me smile... Red GrouseRed Grouse Red GrouseRed Grouse

Wheatears x2 plus ouzel very distant [and a mipit]. WheatearWheatear

WheatearWheatear WheatearWheatear Meadow PipitMeadow Pipit

Ring OuzelRing Ouzel

Finally March 28th at Old Moor - I saw little gull and sand martins a-plenty. Here's a sand martin attempt plus a lesser black-back. Sand MartinSand Martin Lesser Black-backed GullLesser Black-backed Gull

Spring is bursting with goodies. I'm ready for more!

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