24th-28th May 2017

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A May Miscellany

1: Hornsea and Tophill Low - May 24th

I started my East Yorkshire roundabout trip at Kirkholme Point, Hornsea Mere to see the lingering iceland gull. Soon spotted chasing the visitors around among the canada geese. Eventually it flew out on to the mere... ....and came back for a rest! There were lots of jackdaws about. I headed on to Tophill Low. My hope was to photograph reed warblers as it is the best place I know to get up close to these birds. Here they are. Next I walked on through the woods heading for the kingfishers. A common sandpiper ran along the reservoir parapet. The dots are flies - one on the right is almost in focus! I got quite close. Amazingly there was no-one in the hide. A lapwing dropped in.

Both kingfishers turned up and were still taking fish into the nest hole. Rather pleased with this set of images.

2: My favourite Yorkshire walk - May 26th

A very early start had me walking south from Barden Bridge by 7am. It was a beautiful morning.

I saw pied and spotted flycatchers but failed to get any decent photos so I settled for goosander, mandarin, dipper, blackcap, curlew and nuthatch - in no particular order!

3: Garden spider: May 27th

Sheila spotted a hatching of a mass of spiders on virginia creeper by the garage at home. I put the macro lens on.

4: Chris and Barry go orchid and butterfly hunting! May 28th

Barry fancied a trip to Leyburn Old Glebe field near Wensley. The famous green-winged orchids were much in evidence but largely over for the year. We found no burnt-tip orchids and settled for a couple of marsh orchids and quite a lot of twayblade.

View from the orchid field.

Second target would be Duke of Burgundy butterflies to the east, north of Helmsley. We were in luck - not only did we find our target butterfly but in the glade we also had painted lady, red admiral, dingy skipper and small copper.

The Dukes are very small!

Barry correctly identified this miniature potentilla - tormentil.

We called briefly at Sutton Bank to see the early purple orchids [too busy for any chance of turtle doves] and headed for a site near Knaresborough for an annual small blue 'fix'!

Barry got down to work! He found a common blue damselfly too. Plenty of small blues on the kidney vetch.

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