June 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Persistent Birder Rides Again!

After trying in vain to really properly observe the marsh warbler at Saltholme another turned up at Bowesfield Marsh nature reserve, Stockton-on-Tees. The reserve is not easy to find. I went four times. Heard and saw it [fleetingly] each time but no photos. So, decided to get up early...

...and on June 15th I arrived on site at 5.58, walked to the area I knew so well by now and waited. The bird began to sing, and sing, and sing. First photos at 6.26 am. Finally the bird did really show well - and repeatedly. Here comes the marsh warbler!

As I left I could hear [not for the first time] a grasshopper warbler. Several of us had tried to locate it on previous visits. This morning at 6.38 I spotted it and was able to photograph it from various angles as I moved around it without getting too close...

By 10.30 I had been back home to York, driven to Tesco to do the weekly shop [spotted by Barry at around 9.44] and was sitting at home drinking a cup of coffee.

Game, set and marsh, I think!!




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