27th June 2017

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Two 5-star Birds in one day!*

*according to DOGS [Downesian Ornithological Grading System]

I had a plan. Get up at 4a.m. and drive south to East Leake quarry to see some bee-eaters. So I did. I was in position at the viewpoint by 6.30. I saw the birds [plus great spotted and green woodpeckers] and took a few photos and went home for lunch.

Oh yes, here's the pictures... Odd man out! On the same branch as the bee-eater on the next photo.

This one is deliberately over-processed to produce an effect. You'll probably hate it! So I had lunch at home. I mentioned that a Sabine's gull was still at Nosterfield on Flask Lake. [I can never remember which lake is which!] Sheila said I should be able to get there and back in time for tea. I checked on Flask Lake and guessed I could shorten the walk by parking in a lay-by in the village and walking along Flask Lane...

...the bird was miles away on a sandbank out in the lake over the far side. From the left: avocet; great crested grebe; black-headed gull and Sabine's gull! [If you can see it!]

 I'll zoom in a bit - heavy crop. [To the right of the black-headed gull] For the next hour and a half it barely moved. I watched a family of wrens. Some birders I know from Barnsley area decided to try to get nearer by going round the lake. I said I would stay put. I spotted my first pyramidal orchid of the year. I could stay, I calculated, until 4.15. Eventually the gull stirred and flew around but always very distantly.

Then, according to the camera's Exif info, this happened at 16:10:39...

It came and landed in front of me! What luck! Eventually it was time to say goodbye and head home.

A great day out.

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