June 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Blacktoft excels itself!

An afternoon trip out to Blacktoft to see if the spoonbills were nice and close at Marshland... There were four of them! But right over the far side from the hide. Two left within minutes of my arrival - the other two stayed all afternoon. They weren't quite as far away as this chap. Can't be many spoonbill/bearded tit photos!! ...or spoonbill/spotted redshank photos! The owl box had faces peering out. Anyway, here are some nice spoonbill images.


Hey, that's not a spoonbill! Time to leave: spoonbill lift-off! I went to First hide. A marsh harrier showed up.

This warbler turned up too. Cetti's I think.

Finally a magpie.


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