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Hey June - don't let me down!

Always hoping for something really good...

I begin with a left-over from May 31st. A trip to Fen Bog for whinchats drew a blank. Did see small copper and this dingy skipper.

On the way home [well, a bit out of the way] we called at Swillington Ings to see a black tern which duly obliged as I had missed out on the large influx earlier in the month.

June 1st - another catch-up exercise. I got to Whisby by 8 o'clock in the morning and was soon listening to the nightingale by the railway bridge. Lots of brief sightings but usually deep in the bushes so no photos. A fledging of long-tailed tits amused me as I sat on an adjacent bench in the sun. Quite clever: balancing on a wire with one foot while having a good scratch with the other foot up round the back of its neck! I moved on to my prime location for the day: a session with the marsh fritillaries, I hoped, at Chambers Farm Wood and Little Scrubbs Meadow. I knew they were having a good year and I was not disappointed even though their season was coming to an end. I saw one as soon as I arrived by the butterfly garden!

There were also at least 8 broad-bordered bee-hawk moths on the valerian. See the pollen on some of their heads. Here's a few of my better efforts - much more tricky to photograph than the docile fritillaries.

There were more of the moths out on the meadow too. A common spotted orchid - one of many... ...and a female common blue which I just failed to get with wings open.

Marsh fritillaries

Just as the moths preferred the valerian flowers, the marsh frits were often on ragged robin.

I called at Blacktoft on the way home just for an hour. It was pretty quiet. A yellow wagtail was on First.

June 3rd we went to Saltholme to walk the Wilderness Trail to see a marsh warbler. Heard it plentifully and saw some warblers but couldn't be sure it was the bird itself.

Flashback: : here's a marsh warbler from Blacktoft a few years ago. Marsh WarblerMarsh Warbler On the way back a painted lady dropped onto the path. June 4th: I went back, saw the bird as it flew at the end of a singing interlude. No photo even though I keep reading reports of it ''showing well.''

A common tern at Paddy's.

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