18th-19th July 2017

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Local gems

18th July - Fairburn Ings, New Flash. I saw the cattle egret on the 17th after a rush from home without camera. It was [relatively speaking] quite close on Spoonbill Flash. Following day I saw it distantly with Sheila on New Flash. Photographed from the road, I gave it, as it were, my best shot!

19th July - Swillington Ings, Alkborough Flats and North Cave. Barry and I headed first for Oulton part of St. Aidan's [or Swillington Ings as I'm used to calling it] to see a caspian tern. Big bird but not quite close enough to photograph. We headed east to Alkborough Flats...

Lots to see from the hide. Waders including curlew, black-tailed godwits, avocets.

Any opinion anyone of the identity of the bird in the centre of this next photo? A little egret flew over, a dunlin wandered the shoreline too.
At first the light was quite poor - dull, overcast sky. For a moment I thought I saw a spotshank and told Barry but in the poor light I changed my mind. This photo has been brightened up in Photoshop. Spotted redshank.

Crowd scenes - and introducing the dozen or more spoonbills we saw.

Nothing like an alarm flight. Spoonbill dossier! More wader shots including avocets, godwits and greenshank.

The little birds in the reedbed were difficult to capture in the steady breeze. Here's a few shots of reed warbler and juvenile bearded tits.

We headed over the Humber Bridge to North Cave. I hoped to photograph some dragonflies. A combine was at work in North Field. Empress dragonflies were ovipositing.

Joke photo amused me...

Black-tailed skimmer Four-spot chaser

Common darter

This man means business. Approach with care!!

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