22nd-23rd July 2017

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1: Garden Bits 'n Pieces

A few photos from the garden. First off, Sheila looks after the garden hedgehogs and sometimes we get good views. They do well thanks to her care and are now so big they are becoming a problem for Network Rail! I spent part of an afternoon messing with the macro. Here's a few of the results. Hoverflies and other flies and bees.

Small white butterfly

2: A day in East Yorkshire

Barry and I headed for Spurn hoping for a white-rumped sandpiper which didn't turn up until late afternoon - well after we'd left for North Cave. We did see a little stint with a dunlin and a common snipe.

Two wood sandpipers were present.

House sparrow and reed bunting were feeding in the wheat field adjacent to the path to Beacon Ponds.

Three species of tern and a good selection of waders were seen at the ponds. We headed to North Cave after scanning the Humber estuary a while. North Cave was quiet and rain wasn't far away. Something spooked the lapwings [plus a couple of starlings, I think]. I enjoyed photographing these bully birds - lesser black-backed gulls. They are very smart birds.

246 UK 2017


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