24th-27th August 2017

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Newburn Bridge

24th August

Fairly high tide. Oystercatchers and sanderlings put on a show.

Some ringed plover dropped in.

I had been down on the black sand to take my photos. Coming back up the ramp to the promenade I noticed something twitch in a wild buddleia that was managing to survive growing in the rock armour. I waited. This willow warbler put on a stunning display at close range.

Seaton Common and Seaton Snook

26th August

Back to the north-east. I walked the common from the Zinc Works Road to the golf club clubhouse end and back. One whinchat, seven stonechats and two wheatear seen plus supporting cast of swallows, kestrel, gulls. This young skylark ran along in front of me sticking to the shady side of the track until eventually it ventured into better light. Click!

Wheatear I then went out onto the Snook. Lots of terns way out on their roost and I spent some time looking through them with the scope. Here's a few pictures.

Blacktoft Sands

28th August

I went to Blacktoft with the particular wish to get some good photos of green sandpiper. As it turned out they were never as close as I've had them in the past but overall I came away quite happy.

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