27th July 2017

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Spotshanks & Spoonbills!

-well-known birders' expression of utter amazement when finding a really rare bird...

This particular trip made little sense geographically as I drove over the Humber Bridge to Alkborough, then back east again to Far Ings, then back west to Blacktoft. The order of events being dictated by the birds not by sensible route planning.

So, I'll start at Alkborough Flats. No sign in the strong breeze of any bearded tits. Plenty of young reed buntings about.

A drake common scoter was distantly in front of the hide. Some spotted redshanks were quite close. Spoonbills too. With a bill like that you sometimes need a mate to help you preen the bits you can't reach!

A juvenile white-winged black tern was showing at Far Ings. On the Pursuit Pit. Persistently a long way away too. Still it was a challenge to get these images. Had enough? Yes - couldn't hold the camera steady any longer. Perhaps I should use a tripod...but don't really want to...

I headed west for Blacktoft Sands. I headed for Marshland hide for the waders. As I entered the hide I immediately spotted a group of roe deer off to the left. Quickly swinging into action I took some nice photos.

They soon galloped off and melted away into the reedbed. There were plenty of spotted redshanks here too. Alkborough and Blacktoft share the same species pretty much.

Spotshanks and spoonbills here too! I've even designed my own spoonbill wallpaper... I sometimes wish the marsh harriers came closer at Blacktoft but, to be fair, they are even more distant at Alkborough. Here's a few Blacktoft views. All the images are the right way up - one bird did some aerobatics as you can see! Twisting and turning. My favourite images from Blacktoft were, unusually, of ruff...  ...and in particular of this bird from Townend.

I'll finish with a few other birds: black-tailed godwit. Heron.

Something rather nice, I thought: little little grebes! Since then I've had a quick morning trip to Saltholme for egyptian geese. Four seen but scope only views.

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