15th-22nd September Part 2

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Having my cake...

Part 2

September 19th

Mid-morning arrival at Fox Covert, Marske-on-Sea to lie in wait for an oft elusive barred warbler. Eyes constantly distracted by other birds such as goldfinch, reed buntings and tree sparrows. The target bird appeared after about 20 minutes. Say no more. Ok. Going well. Yellow-browed reported at the outer Bowling Green, Hartlepool Headland.

Fiendishly elusive and much harder to catch in the lens as it moved so fast. Here are my best efforts.

September 22nd

As early as I could manage I headed for Covenham Reservoir, Lincolnshire. Hoping for a red-necked phalarope. The sun was shining, the skies were blue. I walked east along the north shore. Soon I saw ruff and up to 5 little stints. Dunlin, I think. A small group of birders ahead made my hopes rise. Red-necked phalarope. Not sure I've seen one on land before. More views.

Nice views of a curlew sandpiper.

The curlew sandpiper walked up the sloping reservoir wall and snoozed by a dead plant that had been growing in a crack in the concrete then probably got baked off in the hot weather. I remain puzzled by this long-legged wader. One minute I think it's a dunlin then I begin to wonder if it's a second curlew sand. Something about its very upright posture. More little stints. Lovely to photograph that day.

I headed north to call at Alkborough Flats. A marsh harrier drifted over the reedbeds. A pair of greenshank landed in front of the hide. Lots of black-tailed godwits occasionally filled the sky. Some bearded tits were seen but not really close enough for really good quality images. Nonetheless quite nice in the good light conditions. And so I come to the end of this mammoth posting. It has its own title...

...and eating it!

Little egret shots, that's all.

UK 265 2017


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