17th-21st June 2018

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Rocking horse droppings!

17th June - Scaling dam and Wykeham Raptor Watchpoint

Common buzzard, wren and linnet

Wykeham - tree pipit, showy garden warbler

19th June - Wykeham, Ellerburn Bank and Fen Bog

Spotted flycatchers in the car park when I arrived. Two honey buzzards wing-clapping plus goshawk, tree pipit and garden warbler still. Speckled wood on walk back to car park in the dark wood as lit by shaft of sunlight.

Ellerburn Bank YWT - first meadow brown of the year. Fly orchid still hanging on; most had finished.

Fen Bog YWT - small pearl-bordered fritillary in good numbers till the sun went in. Wonderful rare butterfly.

21st June - Washington WWT 

Semipalmated sandpiper on the wader scrape.

Webbing clearly visible in this shot. Another bird I hadn't photographed before - #331!

As I headed back to the car park a birder said to me:

''Nice bird'

I replied: 'Yes. Very good'

He added: 'Pretty rare. About as common as rocking horse droppings!'

I guess he was about right!

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