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9th January -28th January 2023

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I just love to be out birding...

January 9th: Bempton Cliffs were quiet apart from the fulmars that were already well-established on the cliffs.

A robin sang to me in the car park and linnets were flying around over the set-aside crop area.

Goldfinches on the wire at the set-aside.

January 11th: Lockwood Beck feeder station held the usual regular birds plus a few bramblings.


January 18th: Cowpen Bewley and Saltholme

Treecreeper, tree sparrow


January 18th: Seaton Snook and Saltholme

Twite photos were not really any good but these are twite in flight. You may just about detect their yellowish bills...

...but I was quite pleased with the golden plover photos as it's not a bird I have ever found it easy to approach.

Lunch break. Starling in the car park at Newburn Bridge. Fox on the ice at Saltholme

January 18th: The Zinc Works Road and Saltholme

Grey partridges. The partridge were really distant and the photos are extreme crops. I'm impressed you can tell they are grey partridges! 



I called briefly at Cowpen Bewley.

A water vole showed nicely at Saltholme Wildlife Watchpoint.

January 20th: A largely uneventful afternoon visit to Blacksoft Sands.

January 22nd: Saltholme again! Mallard and water rail on the ice

January 24th: Bempton Cliffs

Fulmars, very distant gannets. I was grateful to the two RSPB guides who pointed out the shag swimming in the deep shade below the cliffs.

A bridled bird

January 27th: A brief afternoon visit to Swillington Ings, starting at the Methley end. The causeway was stilll flooded and I retreated. Grey wagtail and meadow pipit at Lemonroyd sewage station but no sign of water pipit.

A light engine provided the only photo of the day!

I drove round to Oddjob but there was little to see. 

January 8th: Ingleby Barwick and The Rings. The waxwings were found relatively easily but getting decent pictures was difficult as the birds were perching in rather dense hawthorn and ash so I got lots of pictures like this one!

Quite happy with these!

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31st December 2022- 3rd January 2023

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'Thor' sees the old year out!

Scarborough harbour hosted a one day visit by Thor, the touring walrus

House sparrow on the lobster pots and a fulmar hiding on the cliff

Smew the star of early January

All round the Hartlepool area on January 1st

January 2nd: Askham Bog, North Duffield, Tophill Low and Blacktoft

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26th December 2022

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Boxing Day in and around Hartlepool

I had been trying for months to bump into a red-breasted merganser so I was leaving things a bit late to spot my 2022 sighting! Eight seen in the Pilot Pier area along with eiders.

Cowpen Bewley Country Park feeding station.

Ward Jackson Park

Reminds me of a curling stone [carved in the shape of a tuftie!]

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3rd December 2012

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A Stranger Inland

December 3rd: Moor Lane Bridge, Naburn

A walk both sides of the bridge along the Transpennine Trail. Regular thrushes and tits seen but no bramblings. Nuthatch and coal tit photoed on baited fence post.

December 4th:  in the garden

Sparrowhawk caught a sparrow outside our kitchen window. Quickly grabbed Sheila's phone...through glass...

December 6th:  Swillington Ings

Colour photo into the sun. Shann House bridge.

From the birders' viewpoint near Shann House Bridge, Swillington Ings. An arctic skua was on a spit near a group of cormorants.

Eventually it flew to chase a gull round the site. Everything flew up.

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11th November 2022 ff

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Something's bound to turn up!

11th November: Hemlington Lake and Saltholme

A visit to Hemlington Lake, Middlesbrough to see if the mystery Upland goose was still around. Unringed but must have come from someone's collection, I hadn't seen one before. Pretty female bird.

Then I went to Saltholme and saw a marsh harrier from Phil Stead's hide.

Plus a distant cattle egret.

21st November: Bempton and Scarborough

Bempton was enjoying having a long-eared owl roosting in the Dell. A small group of birders were watching and I joined them. Second photo shows quality of cropped image with Canon R7 camera plus 500mm lens.

Scarborough harbour was quiet. 

23rd November: Blacktoft Sands

Blacktoft was fairly quiet too. It's that time of year. But I was pleased one of the fieldfares was a bit more confiding.

Geese as the light rapidly faded.

25th November: Hartlepool and Saltholme

A bird swimming slowly out of the fish dock at Hartlepool caught my eye. I only had bins with me. I felt it wasn't an eider so I waited for it to approach. Guillemot.


Marsh harrier and teal at Phil Stead's.



From Saltholme car park: crab apple [Golden Hornet?] and a late dandelion looking bright and cheerful.

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