26th July - 12th August 2021

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I need to get out more!

26th July: tried to find mandarins on the pool at Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park. No sign when I was there. Goatsbeard seed head and a rose growing in the woods made me wonder just how it ever got there.

27th July: Flask Lake, Nosterfield second attempt - I had hoped to see an osprey but no sign that afternoon. [At the moment 'no sign' is becoming my calling card it seems!] Lords and Ladies - arum maculatum in fruit.

4th August: Nosterfield Flask Lake third attempt. A nice early start. The little owls were just relaxing in their usual spot. 


I like the early morning light on these pictures.

The osprey was already there!

Early morning mistiness.

When it flew it went the wrong way!

Butterflies - red admiral and painted lady.

10th August: Blacktoft. Hoping for water rail but no sign even after being there all day. Still the waders were good. 10 species seen. Here's some of them. Dusky Maiden bottom right.

Young wagtail

Hawkweed oxtongue - does well at Blacktoft.


12th August: Saltholme and Greatham Creek. Another failure to find the elusive water rails that are, apparently, abundant this year! I settled down to wait at the Wildlife Watchpoint.

It was very quiet.

So I had to settle for a friendly sedge warbler.

Eventually I walked Greatham Creek. At the pool by the main road a greenshank and a wood sandpiper were showing nicely.

Two seals were having a race down the creek.

Peregrine, godwits and the like seen on Seal Sands. Seals watched us as we passed by.

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