9th-12th July 2018

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And then the Balloon went up!

Something from a few weeks ago: on a very hot day our bird bath, much frequented by our house sparrows, was occupied comprehensively by an overheated wood pigeon. Cock sparrow looks on in disgust! [photo by Sheila]

July 9th - Barry and I went to Flamborough area. We started at Thornwick Pool. Fairly quiet... an impressive stand of marsh orchids on the far side. A couple of little ringed plover were present and house martins were dropping in to collect mud. You had to be quick to catch them! Green-footed gallinule youngsters [translating the latin binomial: gallinula chloropus] also known as moorhens! Small skipper outside the hide plus a speckled wood butterfly which, unusually, held its wings closed on landing.

We had a coffee at Bempton RSPB. Jackdaws were very tame.

We headed down to the cliffs for the obligatory gannet fiesta. A linnet was showing where we had hoped to find a grasshopper warbler. There were still quite a few puffins around. Gannets!

Kittiwake chick - some of the youngsters were much closer to being ready to go than this one. Our search for the gropper proved fruitless. Juvenile swallow on a gate.

We spotted swallows gathering mud from a pool by the overflow car park. One of those special moments. My favorite shot

July 10th - visit with Sheila to see the ''teaspoons'' at Fairburn Ings. Great views of the family in a scope but too distant really even for 700mm equivalent of lens magnification. Still, you get the idea.

Parent incoming.

Four youngsters buried in the foliage!

July 11th - southern hawker dragonfly popped into the house. He left unharmed. July 12th - trip to Saltholme to see a grasshopper warbler but we failed even though it was seen by others when we were in the wrong place! Made do with a confiding sedge warbler in the car park. It didn't mind how close you came. It was his bush and he wasn't to be dislodged! Finally this morning [July 13th] much excitement down our road before breakfast. A hot-air balloon was perilously low over the adjoining street.

It drifted over the A59 gaining a little height and missed Manor School - just!

Finally finding the right kind of current the balloon did really go up!

217 UK 2018 - still!


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