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Blacktoft delivers the goods!

Blacktoft is among my earliest birding memories. When I first got seriously interested in birding I would go with Sheila and sit in the hides and listen to other birders. I failed to understand a lot of the conversations; I didn't know the code words [like 'spotshank' or 'spotred'] and many waders I found difficult to identify with any confidence. Someone would look at his pager [never met one of them before either] and say: ''Woodsand's gone to Townend'' And then leave in a hurry. All very strange...

July 19th was a pretty good day at Blacktoft although I spent most of my time in Townend hide as that's where all the action was! I began at Marshland where there were few birds. I took a rather distant shot of a green sandpiper.

At Townend the spoonbills immediately grabbed all the visitors' attention. Here are shots taken at various times during the day.

I was hoping for some good photos of marsh harriers but I was never completely satisfied with the large batch that follows. I'd just scroll through them if I were you unless you find one you really like!

It rained quite a lot. This harrier is looking rather bedraggled! Female/juvenile

There were smart looking godwits too. Blackwits not barwits.


A cormorant paid a brief visit

Finally, mute swan cygnets.

That's all folks!

319 UK 2019 [still]


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