14th August 2019

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Sitting on a rock...

Well, it's what I did for a couple of hours the other day at South Gare [14/8] whilst the tide slowly came in and the birds came ever closer...

I actually began at Lockwood Beck reservoir. Generally rather quiet. If you visit note that the feeder station is now accessed from the reservoir side of the fishermen's hut. It is also sheltered from the worst of the weather.

I called briefly at Scaling Dam. Too much human activity: tents, caravans - some sort of regatta was taking place.

Next an even briefer stop at Skinningrove. Again people paddling in the river, dogs on the beach. I didn't linger. South Gare beckoned.

South Gare was quiet. Dog walkers seemed few and far between and kept well away from where I wanted to be. I made my way to the rocks going rather circuitously to avoid the beach proper. The little tern area seems to have confused people this year as they were unsure where you could and where you shouldn't go. More, clearer signage needed. Even the little terns didn't understand it!

I settled myself in the stiff breeze, keeping a low profile and wearing dark coat and hat. I was soon ignored by the terns and waders that slowly came nearer as the rocks submerged under the incoming tide.

I'll start with some ''here's looking at you, babe'' shots!  Juvenile ringed plover, dunlin and sanderling

More dunlins Ringed plovers Sometimes everything went up only to come down again nearby...

Sanderlings - looking very monochrome at the moment



A nice common gull and then it'll be tern time!

Common terns. No definite sightings of arctics unfortunately although a couple of birds had me guessing. 

Sandwich terns

And that's about it for now.  220 UK 2019




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