17th September 2019

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Excellent craic/crake!

Blacktoft 17th September

Morning at home when suddenly I saw a message on the pager: Baillon's or little crake at Blacktoft. I have rarely got on my way so quickly! I knew both birds were potential lifers - it was just a matter of seeing it, knowing, as I did, that crakes can disappear in a reedbed for a very long time...

I needn't have worried. I saw the bird within a couple of minutes of arriving at a half-full Marshland hide. Within half an hour birders were queuing outside!

There were other birds too, so I'll start with them.

Ruff and shovelers

Ok. Time for the little 'un! I've mixed a couple of water rail shots with them as some people got very excited when one appeared. The crake was comparatively tiny. UK lifer 440 coming up!

227 UK 2019



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