24th July 2020

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July 24th trip up to Hartlepool. I began with a walk down both sides of Greatham Creek looking for whimbrel. Good views in the scope but not close enough to photo. One fairly close whimbrel was constantly chased off by the much larger curlew. The curlew ignored dunlins and redshanks. Lots of fragrant orchids in flower. One poor phone photo below.

I then went to the Lifeboat Station to see how the kittiwakes were doing. Lots of action with just a few juveniles in flight - other pairs still had quite small bundles of fluff to look after. I've always liked juvenile kittiwake plumage patterns... An adult bird first.

I'm very cross!

I waited hoping to get some flight shots. 

Don't turn your back on me! ''Hey, I've learnt to do this on one leg too!''

One landed on the water - must have taken off from the other side of the gantry.

Take-off time! [The backgrounds get quite confusing!]

Elsewhere little seemed to be happening so I decided to call at Nosterfield for an egyptian goose [not available as it turned out] and another look for the little owl.

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