30th July to 2nd August

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The Fish Hunters

July 30th

A trip to South Gare and walk out to the rocks about an hour before high tide. Sandwich, little, common and roseate terns all well seen. There is a little tern in this photo but its bill isn't visible. You can recognize it by its size, I think. Sandwich time!

Common terns



Linnet in the Bomb Hole

Whitethroat there too on the bench

Pilot boat returning from duty

I moved on heading for Greatham Creek. Waders and a seal on the sand by the road bridge.

Some of the fragrant orchids I'd seen a couple of weeks earlier were still looking well.


Grayling butterfly

Common centaury

Carline thistle - before and after!

A really strongly growing patch of eyebright


Small heath butterfly

Small skipper [rather a dark one]

Shelduck on pool

Common terns on pool nearest the road [from 'bus stop' shelter]


August 2nd

Amazed to find an empty hide when I arrived at Scaling Dam about lunchtime. Osprey overhead - i strolled back to the car for the camera...


The dive and catch took place at the far side of the reservoir - a long way from the hide. If you know the site  you'll realise the camera did well to pull off these nearly sharp shots of the osprey taking a fish.


Lift off!

180 UK 2020



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