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Second time lucky!

October 18th: Hartlepool Marina

I was hoping for a black-throated diver but somehow or other I failed to find it although I walked all round the marina and met other birders who had been equally unsuccessful. I found a friendly guillemot so I made do with this bird for the afternoon.

A cormorant was struggling a little to swallow a large fish.

October 20th: Hartlepool Marina and Headland

I tried again and found the black-throated diver almost as soon as I arrived. It was swimming near the neglected museum ship, Wingfield Castle. I noticed a circular ripple of water and wondered what had caused it so I watched and up popped the diver. 

An arctic warbler had been frequenting the trees near Borough Hall on the Headland. Birders were photographing something when I arrived so I walked over. No warbler had been seen but a group of brambling were in the trees.

October 27th: Hartlepool Headland and Ward Jackson Park

This was a much brighter day. The Headland from the lifeboat station.

Second time lucky! Although it took me a long time to 'get on it' with my bins eventually the 7D with the zoom lens proved the ideal combination. Very pleased to see and photograph this bird.

A little time left although the light had dimmed a little so I decided to try Ward Jackson Park for the parakeets. Various previous visits this year had drawn a blank but I am a persistent birder! I was walking down to the lake when I heard that unmistakable sound. Five parakeets raced across the sky before I could react. A couple of minutes later two more landed in a tree close by.

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