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In standard international diecode this is an Ornithological Observation Vehicle. Originally sequestered in Ireland on the Tralee and Dingle Railway the OOV has been relocated to the Island of St. Tudwal's for use on its unique narrow gauge railway transporting birdwatchers along the island's rugged coastline to watch rare wading birds such as the endemic flipstone, the purple musselcatcher and, of course, the famous fork-billed sandpipers.

Tuesday saw the first outing for the OOV driven by Ronan O'Willett and carrying one of our best-known birders, Sir Lee Bonquairs. Seen here on an inland section of the line it was photographed from a Hubsan X4 H107L quadcopter.

Here she is!

You may have to wait a few seconds before the OOV MOOVES!

Normal birding will resume on these islands as soon as possible before the birders all lose their minds...

Latest news: a moorhen has been added to the year's sightings list!

35 UK 2021!


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