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Good Old Yorkshire!

September 17th - Blacktoft rules!

Blacktoft is certainly having a purple patch! Ibis, white tailed thingy and now a bluethroat. Not the easiest bird to see as it hides in the reeds at the back of Marshland lagoon along with a robin. [Can't say I've ever seen robins at Blacktoft before but I may be forgetting...] Anyway on my second visit I got some photos although the bird was still a long way off!

The ruff came nice and close. Attractive birds.


The white-tailed plover has been present for 3 weeks now. All the crowds! It's exhausting!

September 18th - a morning stroll round North Cave Wetlands

I went thinking I might see something good. I knew a mandarin had been reported but there was no sign. However, half way down Dryham Lane near the gate on the right where there are feeders I spotted movement in the grass. Green woodpecker. The car and camera were 200m away. I made my way quickly to the car and drove down, parking just before the gate. Camera ready, I walked quietly over. The bird was still busy feeding. It's a juvenile and it made my day.

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