3rd December 2012

December 07, 2022  •  2 Comments

A Stranger Inland

December 3rd: Moor Lane Bridge, Naburn

A walk both sides of the bridge along the Transpennine Trail. Regular thrushes and tits seen but no bramblings. Nuthatch and coal tit photoed on baited fence post.

December 4th:  in the garden

Sparrowhawk caught a sparrow outside our kitchen window. Quickly grabbed Sheila's phone...through glass...

December 6th:  Swillington Ings

Colour photo into the sun. Shann House bridge.

From the birders' viewpoint near Shann House Bridge, Swillington Ings. An arctic skua was on a spit near a group of cormorants.

Eventually it flew to chase a gull round the site. Everything flew up.

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