1st October to 9th October

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East Coast Gems

October 1st: Bempton Cliffs

It was time for a lifer and so I was full of hope at Bempton when looking for the elusive red-eyed vireo. I did see the bird in the Dell very briefly but it was much later when I was lucky enough to catch a photo of the bird [or part of it!] 

A dragonfly from the Dell...and a rather distant short-eared owl  from nearby.

October 2nd: Hemingbrough Gravel Pit

A grey phalarope was reported from Hemingbrough so I decided to go and have a look. A short walk and there it was although it liked to hide up against the east bank of the pool.

 October 8th & 9th: Hartlepool Harbour

The slavonian grebe proved very hard to find that first morning. They are pretty small! Against the rock armour by the lifeboat station it looked minute.

However, I do like this photo.

It eventually gave only slightly better views from the lifeboat station side of the harbour entrance. Much cropped!

Whilst I'm near the lifeboat station it's maybe worth mentioning that road access to the lifeboat station has been blocked by concrete roadblock. Wheatear on the fence by the roadblock.

You can still walk through to the spit but even lifeboat crew have to abandon their vehicles and walk. In an emergency this seems very strange. The tractor at the lifeboat station is effectively blocked in and deliveries would face a 300 yard walk. Perhaps it's only temporary but a local seemed to think the Port Authority can act unopposed and do as it likes.

Red-throated divers [at least three in the harbour or just outside] and a couple of velvet scoters were also obliging.

Not easy getting a different and interesting photo of a cormorant! Surfacing...

Anyway, walking back to the car the wheatear popped up again.

October 9th: Hartlepool Harbour

I went to Redcar to hopefully see some Brent geese. They were there, on Bran Sands, but at high tide they were a very long way away on a beach to the south-west near the entrance to Middlesbrough dock. So no photos - nor for that matter of the bird that was attracting a group of birders' attention: a red-necked grebe, my second of the year.

I read a message that the slavonian grebes were still showing well, so I decided to call back at Hartlepool harbour before heading home. As I walked down the pilot pier past the Andy Capp tribute art I spotted a slavonian grebe flying back into the harbour.

One was over by the Town Wall so I wandered down until I was very close but unseen by the bird.

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