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Birding down Cherry Cob Sands Road

But before that...

Newburn Bridge, Hartlepool - 25th October

Going out that day was probably not the best idea. Conditions were unpleasant. I spent a while watching the wild sea at Newburn Bridge...

...and then photographing the waders that were sheltering below the car park - eyes tight shut in many cases hoping, perhaps, that it was all just a bad dream.

Cherry Cob Sands Road - 29th October

It's a wonderful name for a quiet narrow country road leading to Stone Creek [or Stoney Creek as one sign post puts it] - a dead end that isn't quite a dead end. My target this day was to be a rough-legged buzzard together with supporting cast which included kestrel, buzzard, marsh harrier and hen harrier - a real raptor jamboree.

The rough-legged appeared while I was unpacking the camera!

The hen harriers [there were at least two] were much more distant and flew so low that getting a focus lock proved very difficult. In retrospect I should have used the 7D with a bigger lens. Goldfinches too!

November 6th: Hartlepool Marina and Harbour

Razorbills and a great northern diver in the marina

Cormorants too

Eider, slavonian grebe and a shag from the pilot pier.

November 7th:  Pickering Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre!

Well, in the car park actually. But when I arrived it was a bird free zone. I decided to walk into town [about 100 yards away]. The pretty little churchyard was deserted [apparently another preferred location] so I wandered back. Off to the right were a couple of fairly new houses. A small rowan grew in the garden of the nearest house where two men were working. Then I saw them - about thirty - at the top of a tree at the town end of the car park. Waxwings!

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