July 29th- 9th August 2023

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A few more steps along the road...

''I'll start with a visit to Blacktoft Sands...

July 29th: a reported curlew sandpiper was a long way off from Marshland hide and, to add insult to injury, the bird was keen to show me a reverse view  when I eventually worked out where it was! [Centre of image, left of godwit]

Black-tailed godwit and marsh harriers.

August 6th: Blacktoft Sands again: 

Green sandpipers, spotted redshanks, stock dove and other bits and pieces

August 7th Nosterfield Quarry site 1:

Lapwings, gulls a few other birds but no osprey. I'll try again soon!

August 9th: Nosterfield Quarry site 2

Osprey - not as close as I would like but still... Well pleased.

Wild plum


Any ideas?

House martin - rear view - they're all the rage!

August 12th: In our garden

Maybe it knew the date and thought keeping a low profile in a private garden was an excellent idea... A grey partridge was wandering round the garden. Fairly near the house it was spotted by Sheila who called me certain, as she rightly was, that she'd never seen one in the garden before.

All this came after another encounter earlier in the day when she spotted a female sparrowhawk perched on the greenhouse roof. I was just coming out through the garage side door and had a brilliant view. Sparrowhawks are quite often seen - usually zipping low over the garden; not often perched in full view like today.

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