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January 22, 2024  •  18 Comments

From St. Aidan's to Seaton Carew

January 7th: St. Aidan's

Hoping to see the glossy ibis again for a 2024 photograph. Luckily it was quite a bit closer than last time and a huddle of visitors spotted in the distance announced its presence well before the cattle gates. It seems unconcerned or unaware of the people watching it.

January 8th: Hartlepool

Cowpen Bewley woodland park feeder station. Pair of bullfinch, yellowhammer and a great spotted woodpecker

Ward Jackson Park: parakeet [looking into the sun unfortunately] and a muscovy duck

January 10th: Thorganby viewpoint

A distant drake smew

January 10th: Tophill Low

Red crested pochard from a long way off and a much closer gang of drake tufties.

January 19th: Bempton

Jackdaw and a kestrel hunkered down out of the wind. Also seen linnets and snow buntings

January 29th: Seaton Common, Saltholme, Newburn Bridge and Redcar

Newburn Bridge

Cowpen Bewley 

Redcar beach

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