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20th March ff

March 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A pretty coot foot!

Phalaropus being Greek for coot foot - this was a grey coot foot, off the South Pier at Bridlington harbour [20/3/18]. Most of the time it was directly below me as I photographed it from almost overhead. Karl Dutton & Brett Richards also watching. A few from a bit further out first.

Then it came close up against the pier wall so we were looking almost vertically down on it.

Reports of a black redstart at Flamborough tempted us to try for it.

No sign round the lighthouse or fog station. A tired looking juvenile kittiwake was sheltering on the clifftop.

In the car park a chap was with a small point and shoot camera was photographing something in a bush. I went across to him.

'Brown bird just flew into that bush,' he said.

So it did. Kestrel!

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