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25th-26th March 2018

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You never know, you just never know...

...what might happen next. Even when you plan your day it can so often turn out completely differently.

Two Yorkshire Days

March 25th

Sheila and I went to Flamborough and then on to Bempton. Razorbill and shag from Flamborough.

At Bempton we watched the gannets and auks, including a few puffins on the cliffs. We walked to Staple Newk and saw a few more puffins.

March 26th

I went to North Cave first. I had a plan or a list of 'hoped-fors' but they all came to nothing. North Cave was quiet but I did enjoy watching a stoat down the far end of Dryham Lane. Unfortunately although I had four sightings it was always on the far side of the hedge and I was just able to glimpse it each time as it ran along a large plastic blue pipe.

On then to Alkborough where I sat in the hide with Carl Dutton and watched the avian world go by.

You could be forgiven for thinking the centre of this photo shows some white birds [avocets] on a sandbank. But you'd be wrong! The 'sandbank' is a mass of black-tailed godwits [plus a few dunlin and redshanks]. Spot the interloper! Everything was very calm and as nothing much was happening I said my goodbyes and headed for Blacktoft - no bearded tit or spoonbill. A tick free day.

Like I said at the head of this posting you never know what is going to happen. That's the thrill of it. I arrived at Blacktoft thinking cetti's warbler, sand martin. I saw nothing new. A little grebe caught a fish!

I walked back along the path my scope, camera and bins were somehow heavier with the disappointment. Suddenly...

Intimate encounter 2018 #5 - a mustelid blast!

...a weasel appeared and, bless me, it began to run towards me. It ran a few feet, stopped then ran on again. The camera clicked away. Eventually, too close to focus my 500mm lens it turned off into the grass and disappeared. Enjoy!

163 UK 2018


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