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29th March ff

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A Spring in my step?

Maybe not just yet but we're getting there!

29th March

Scout Dike reservoir reported a pair of garganey. No sign when I got there. No cetti's warbler, bearded tit or sand martins at Old Moor - it was cold, breezy and damp. Coltsfeet [?!] a sign of spring? Bullfinches showing nicely. Journey back north to Swillington Ings: jay my only year tick of the day seen as I drove along. Swillington Ings quiet too. Catkins and pussy willow.

30th March: An afternoon at Blacktoft Sands

I must admit I was amused by the new tarmacadam car park - you get out of the car, set off into the second half of the car park only to trample through coffee coloured mud all the way to the flood bank. After that the paths were pretty solid and in good order. So the new car park surface keeps you clean for about a minute! Yesterday the section as far as the toilets was appalling.

However Blacktoft does deliver the goods. Cetti's warbler between the floodbank and reception in the reeds. Lots of harrier action and a nice group of barnacle geese.

Barnacles first. There were eight birds - after a while they flew off.

Marsh harriers. Funny how the old brain works... As a child on caravan holidays in the Rain, sorry Lake District, we used to play a game called Pik-A-Stik. This photo brought those days back to me. I can't imagine why!

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