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November 10, 2019  •  1 Comment

Quiet times in the North-East!

A nice bird in Redcar

November 2nd and I decided the weather might hold long enough for me to try to see the Kentish Plover on Redcar beach. A huddle of birders drew me to the bird very quickly. Never close and the birders were all careful not to disturb the group of ringed plovers with which the bird was associating. Easily separated: paler and smaller.

Otherwise things were pretty quiet. Curlews flew past...

The Year isn't over yet! November 9th I headed up to Hartlepool to the Bowling Green on the Headland. I spent some time with a group of birders waiting for a barred warbler to appear. It never did. However a Pallas's warbler was 'showing well' apparently down at the Putting Green. I headed there.

then I went back to look for the barred warbler until a phone message that our missing cat had been found and I set off for home. I didn't see the barred warbler but, as they say, that's birding!

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