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The Persistent Birder Rides Again!

After my last trip to Hartlepool when I dipped on the barred warbler and then abandoned the day's birding to go home early I decided to try again as the bird was reported as still present by the outer bowling green. And that's where it was when I saw it as soon as I arrived on Monday November 11th. 

It then flew across the road to the small apple tree in a garden facing the bowling green. Eventually it showed nicely for the small group of birders present.  

November 19th: I drove to Bempton Cliffs specifically to try to see the Hume's warbler which has been resident in the overflow car park area for quite a few days. Very luckily I soon made contact and within half an hour I had a pleasing number of images. The best ones follow:-

Now that's a leaf warbler!

Next stop at Holbeck car park just to see if there were any Mediterranean gulls about. Two landed instantly by the car!

I suppose that's a Mediterranean diet!

The hope was that there might still be a couple of divers in Scarborough harbour. There were! Turnstone first, however.

Red-throated diver found first but then, mysteriously, it disappeared and resurfaced as a great northern!

Great northern. The divers had learnt where the fishermen dumped undersized crabs they had caught. Easy feastings!

I said farewell and headed home. A good day!

Next day I decided to explore an area near South Kirkby [West Yorkshire] and try to find Johnny Brown's Common Pond. Well, eventually I did although the walk to the pond was a mudbath I prefer to forget. The muddiest birding experience of my life!

Anyway, the walk was worth it! Here's the duck.

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