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A day in the Sunshine!

At last a bit of brighter light on the last day of November. I started at Albert Park, Middlesbrough, hoping for jays but saw none. Only photos were of this squirrel.

I headed on to Seaton Snook to walk out to see if the twite were performing. They were very mobile, often landing almost hidden on the saltmarsh.

Eventually they landed on the fence where I was sitting nearby on a sea-washed driftwood log waiting for them.

Lovely little gold-billed twite!

Next I went to Hartlepool Headland to look for the female long-tailed duck. Scanning with my scope I found her well out between the pilot pier and the lifeboat station. In harsh light I struggled to get any decent images.

The eider were close in and much prettier too!

December 2nd I went to Donna Nook to the grey seal colony but my target wasn't the seals themselves but a lingering pomarine skua that was enjoying a feast of seal afterbirth close in near the crowds of visitors - most of whom remained unaware that the bird was of any interest.

Grey seals first. 

For me the skua was definitely the main attraction.

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