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Bits 'n Bobs

September 28th: a trip out to Staveley to look for the lesser white-fronted goose. Not found and no great loss as I'm sure it will be discounted as an escape or some such. Still, there were some pinkfeet and a barnacle goose and, usefully, I found the quick way into the reserve which could be useful next time. If there is a next time...


Pinkfeet and a lone barnacle goose

Not been out since September 30th when I made my way over to Collingham to look for the hoopoe. Found at 8am in Millbeck Green. My third British hoopoe - I saw one in Murton, York many years ago and another somewhere else!

The pigeon was very wary of the hoopoe's bill!

Finally, a couple of extras from home: a wood pigeon that was pecking on our Velux windows - drinking rainwater off the glass we think...

...and a video recorded by our night camera early morning before I went down the garden to review the memory card. I got a nice surprise!

Our large pond is well netted by the way. No fish for Mr Grey today!

201 UK 2020


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