21st September 2020

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Back to Blackhall Rocks!

When I woke up on Monday morning [21/9] I looked out of the bedroom window to see if 'our' geese were in the field again. For some weeks now a large feral flock of Canada and greylag geese have been coming to feed in the mornings and some evenings too. There are several hundred of them. Here's a few.

Forgoing breakfast I set off north for Hartlepool. I was at Blackhall Rocks not too long ago to see the red-backed shrike that was frequenting the area near the path up to the pond. Strangely enough it was in the very same area that a couple of lapland buntings were hanging out. I set off from the car park on the walk north. Luckily the many dog walkers were not coming my way.

Goldfinches were everywhere. It was a lovely morning - probably the last really nice summer's day. Some stonechats soon appeared.

I thought this was a lovely chance encounter as I walked along.

I reached the path up to the pond. Movement on the left hand side of the path up to my left. In the shade. I waited. 

Lapland buntings - my first for a couple of years.

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