11th-13th March 2020

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Hard at work!

Doing my best to keep things moving and reflecting the changing season. I know only too well that at one moment spring seems slow to get going and then suddenly there's a  crazy rush and things can get really hectic! Not quite there yet!

March 11th: Old Moor and Adwick-upon-Dearne with Barry

Old Moor featured an expected pair of lesser black-backed gulls. 

Some of the ducks were looking good.

Med gull being bossy!

Kestrel at Adwick Washlands

Moi! Photo by Barry!

Rather damp pied alba wagtail, avocet, a redshank, a little egret...

...and a very shy chiffchaff

March 13th: St. Aidan's RSPB. Barry was hoping for owls and black-necked grebe. The grebe turned up and so did some other nice things. I'll start with a hare that was having a break from being a mad March hare.


Crow, reed bunting and quite a few stonechats!


Grebes. Great crested first.

I was rather pleased with myself to have found these bearded tits! Male

Adult female, I believe.

Finishing off...black-headed gull, very high up red kite and a lapwing. 

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