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Time to go home!

As a child I remember a children's programme - Andy Pandy - when at the end someone would say ''Time to go home, time to go home. Andy Pandy is waving goodbye. Goodbye!''

For me it's time to go home and stay there for months, I believe. So this post may be the last for a while...but I'll try to find things to post.

March 16th: a trip to Castle Howard to look for [and not find] hawfinches. No-one else found them either although a few have been seen today [17/3/20].

So pictures are not exactly riveting! Best I could manage were captive birds: guinea fowl and 2 noisy peacocks.

Robin and honey bees at a hide in the Arboretum. The bees were finding plenty of pollen.

I didn't know where to go next after 2.5 hours waiting for nothing to happen. [I wasn't alone - 3 other birders looking] I headed to Filey Dams. Pinkfeet on the water plus a barnacle goose that I only spotted at home later.

Decided to call at Bempton before heading home. The weather was very pleasant. Tree sparrows sunning themselves.

Down by the cliff just at the end of the path I spotted a pair of sleeping puffins. I pointed them out to a couple but it was obvious they didn't believe me! No colourful bill so not a puffin I felt was how they saw things.

Later they stirred and stretched.

I do like razorbills.

148 UK 2020

One behind last year but I don't think this year will be like any other. Predict 170 for the year - if I'm lucky!

Take care everybody!




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