11th-17th June 2020

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Changes: turn and face the strange

Everything we took for granted now seems either different or at risk. I remain cautious and anxious for all our futures. Things have been happening that have upset the balances in my world. Oh well, enough of that. I'll snap out of it as my mother used to say. Let's go birding again...

June 11th: I finally decided to go to Far Ings in Lincolnshire to try for the Blyth's reed warbler. Apart from a 400 metre walk that's all there was to it. The bird appeared, sang plentifully going through a comprehensive repertoire of song mimicking other birds it had heard. Here he is.

I called at North Cave on the way home. All pretty quiet but I was thrilled to see a pair of great crested grebes with young on board.


Plus sand martin!

June 13th: Old Moor for an invisible black tern. Bird reported but on arrival it became obvious there was no way to see the main lake. All hides closed; quite a few paths were also closed. I met several angry birders who couldn't see the point of saying the reserve was open but 'by the way' you can't get to see the birds! Seemed a bit of a farce to me. On my walk to the 'bus stop' viewpoint I saw some reed warblers. Here's one.

June 16th: first trip to Biggin [near Sherburn in Elmet] for the red-footed falcon which by the time I arrived had flown off for the day only to return in the evening long after I had left. Red admiral and yellow wagtail seen. Only managed to photo the butterfly and never looked for the little owls that were reported later.

Swallow on wires by the car. 

June 17th: went back early! Saw the red-footed falcon immediately. Never close but great to watch. Flight shots very disappointing. 

Back home Sheila pointed this insect out to me on our lounge window. After much research I think it's ephialtes manifestator and it doesn't have a common name. The 'stinger' is in fact an ovipositor. It's a kind of wasp relative.

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