7th-10th June 2020

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That's a bit more like it!

June 7th: I went to Collingham to see a rose-coloured starling. Just after seeing the bird it dropped into the field behind the hedge and didn't reappear until it was spotted flying off down the road. I left with just a couple of shots taken.

June 8th was a really good day: good to meet a few birders I know and to see some quality birds. North Cave Wetlands, reedbed lake: a red-necked phalarope was my target.

A red kite came over much to the distress of the local lapwings.

Reed warblers were moving up and down the reeds in front of us.

The bird just above looked like a recently fledged bird that was following an adult around.

Two photographers had told me they were waiting for a stoat to reappear so on my way back I gave the area a wide berth. The men were still waiting. I carried on about 100m when, out of their sight, I met a group of what I assume were young stoat kits.


I walked back and beckoned to the two stoat seekers. I left them after a while but they got some shots in the end.

June 9th: I drove up to Nosterfield to try and spot the drake garganey [second attempt]. Seen this time asleep but it did shake its head a couple of times. Female garganey out on the water spotted by another birder. Lesser yellowlegs looking very smart. However all of these were great to see in the scope but too distant for the camera. I walked north along the village path expecting to find whitethroats again. No sign but this sedge warbler posed.

Orchids in the fields.

Rabbits in abundance.

I went back down the A1 to Collingham for another look at the starling.

Rose-coloured StarlingRose-coloured Starling

Red kite came over.

June 10th: cattle egret on New Flash, Fairburn.

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