20TH -23rd February 2023

February 28, 2023  •  6 Comments

A Brace of Rather Good Sightings

20th February: near Wykeham Plant Nursery

Report the previous day of a black-throated thrush obviously disturbed many birders from their winter hibernation and it was easy to  find where the bird was the following morning with so many telescopes trained on a certain tree...

It was very apparent that I had the wrong lens on the camera but at least I had record shots of the bird. I really struggled to get anything decent of the bird on the ground. Oh well, you live and learn!

Also seen nearby: celandine and early dandelion.

23rd February: Bishop Middleham and Holme Fleet, Hartlepool

Fourmarts Lane, Bishop Middleham for the second time. Met the same chap staring up at the hornbeams. He'd already seen the bird earlier in the morning. I was going to be patient - the day was nice and bright which somehow gave me belief in the possible...

Here it is: my little hawfinch feature. Thrilled me and the new camera performed amazingly.

The bird was eating the fruit of the hornbeam. This is a little brown nutlet enclosed in a papery wrapper. That's what you see in the next photo.

Walking back I spotted catkins. These are not hazel catkins but alder catkins. 

Two Egyptian geese seen later that day at Holme Fleet but rather distant.

Sunday February 26th: Two lesser redpoll at North Cave from viewing platform.

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