2nd - 15th March 2023

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Waiting for Spring...

Things have gone rather quiet lately here in Yorkshire coupled with some unpleasant weather...

March 2nd: North Cave

A few trips to North Cave this month didn't really deliver although I did spend some time there peering down into the reeds to try and see a bittern as it crept almost horizontally through the dead reeds. I did see the bittern but attempts at a photograph were a complete failure! A water rail in the same spot did show.

A couple of other birds from North Cave...

...plus an unusual iris from the garden.

March 15th: Blacktoft Sands

A nice afternoon at Blacktoft with plenty of things to see. Plus a particularly good sighting within reach of my lens. More of which a little later.

People don't photograph greylags because, I expect, they're rather ordinary. So I don't suppose the next bird would be too popular either but it's a bird, it's living its life and we should still respect it.

A few ducks 

Greylags again and a huddle of snipe

A mute swan

Marsh harriers

Sitting in Singleton Hide these four geese sailed into view from behind the large island to the right of the middle channel. They came closer and closer. Here they are. Russian white-fronted geese.

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